Lonesome Dove

The Lonesome Dove saga has entered American folklore.  Larry McMurtry’s 1986 novel, the TV miniseries of 1989 and the prequels & sequels have captured the imagination of millions.  But until our Lonesome Dove map was published there was no way for the reader to follow and understand the topography and geography of this long epic Texas to Montana trek.


While the novel is, of course, fiction and some of the locations like the village of Lonesome Dove on the Rio Grande are also fictional, McMurtry who is a superb western historian, did not take too many liberties with the layout of the rough and challenging terrain or with the character of the inhabitants of an area that after the Civil War was slowly turning from open range and lawlessness to  what was then called civilization.


The Lonesome Dove ~ Comanche Moon map is an original copyrighted design based on an 1881 US map by S.A. Mitchell. This map also has most of the Texas locations and place names from McMurty’s equally great Comanche Moon novel which is the preface to Lonesome Dove. It follows Gus & Call during their Texas Ranger days before the Civil War.  Comanche Moon is now a mini-series for television.


The Chisholm, Great Western, Goodnight-Loving, Shawnee and the other major overland cattle trails are also overlaid in their correct positions.


This is a very powerful and informative original map. Available in four sizes.


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The Lonesome Dove ~ Comanche Moon Wars ~ Great Trails Map

1872 Texas County Map by Warner & Beers.  Perhaps the only Texas County map to show the short-lived Wigefarth county in the lower Panhandle. Text Box: The Great Trails Maps
Original map designs incorporating the great cattle trails, frontier forts, roads and the railroads of the time. 

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